Food donations and medical aid to the community of Navarre (ES)

“Now more than ever it is time to say: Yes. Yes to health, commitment and union. Yes to generosity and responsibility. Yes to teamwork and perseverance. Yes to respect, well-being and friendship. Yes to overcoming and hope. Because your struggle and your positive attitude are what helps us to look forward in these difficult times.”

It is with these words that Vegetales Línea Verde Navarra and Naturvega, two of the Group’s Spanish companies, wanted to convey to all employees, customers and consumers how important it is in a time of great difficulty like this to support each other in order to look ahead with the positive spirit of business that has always represented us and that we continue to transmit also through our brands.

From words to deeds: every day since the start of the Covid-19 emergency, the company has committed itself to donating its fresh food products to the local community project VILLA JAVIER promoted by the “Fundación Tudela Comparte”, a non-profit social entity dedicated to providing free food and employment-oriented training in the most vulnerable sectors of society.

There is also no shortage of medical aid to nursing homes (Residencia San Jose Valtierra, Torre Monreal, Virgen del Portal …) and to the hospital of their city, Tudela. It is precisely these and other health and public bodies that want to further focus their efforts, by joining a large voluntary initiative promoted by citizens called AYUDA MAKERS NAVARRA which, collaborating with the emergency support services, concretely engages in the creation of protective supports with 3D printing technology.