Plastics: a 360° Commitment

The companies of the La Linea Verde Group have launched a 360° management policy for plastics which includes Research & Development, monitoring of the management of plastic materials along the entire value chain, from production to logistics, applying specific operating procedures in the internal and external separate collection.

The inter-functional unit “Packaging Solution Team”, established in 2018, plays a leading role in investment, in the identification and application of innovative solutions, pursuing the objectives of:

  • Elimination of unnecessary packaging ( over-packaging )
  • Maximization of the use of recycled materials, following the logic of Circular Economy
  • Application of eco-design formulas for reusable solutions
  • Use of new eco-compostable packaging materials

The strategy of the La Linea Verde Group is therefore to apply multiple and integrated solutions, ensuring low environmental impact choices, sustainable use of natural resources and compatibility with recycling systems.

The Packaging Solutions Team, whose main purpose is research and implementation, opens up to more solutions to meet continuous sustainability criteria pursuing the goal set by 2050 to achieve an environmental neutrality mark in line with what has been declared and signed by the European Community with the plan …