IFCO Sustainability Certificate

“A true Sustainability tool at the service of the system.”

This is what for La Linea Verde represents having achieved the 2019 IFCO sustainability certificate ©, a supply company of RPCs (Reusable Plastic Containers) for fresh food that has established a sustainability certification for retailers in Europe.

Reduce packaging waste and the related environmental impact, promote the concept of reuse in order to protect the use of natural resources, make the entire supply chain more sustainable … these are the concrete objectives on which we work daily and that we are committed to constantly monitoring in detail within our organizations.

For this reason, thanks to the “only” use of IFCO © packaging, in 2019 we are proud to have:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions for the equivalent of ~ 900 fewer cars on the roads every year
  • Reduced consumption of Water for the equivalent of 580 thousand showers
  • Saved Energy for the equivalent of 49 thousand bulbs powered every year
  • Reduced the Waste for the equivalent of daily production of ~ 580 thousand European citizens
  • Avoided Food Waste for the equivalent of 222 thousand meals*

“There is only one way to do sustainability: Together!

* The calculation is based on the life cycle assessment of the PRC for fresh products (Franklin Associates, 2017) and Life cycle analysis, (Stiftung Initiative Mehrweg, Update 2018) and Determination of the deterioration levels of fresh fruit and vegetables, (Fraunhofer IML and University of Bonn, 2013)